NAD Cellular Detox

Introducing NAD Cellular Detox

In addition to our standard detox protocol, participants now have access to a state-of- the-art NAD Cellular Detox infusion. NAD effectively eases the discomfort of withdrawal, reduces cravings and significantly speeds up the detox process without the use of traditional detox medications, which can prolong the detox process and increase the risk of exchanging one addiction for another. The Foundry is one of just a few centers in the U.S. that offers this revolutionary detox treatment.

What is NAD Cellular Detox?

This 10-day IV treatment consists of a mega-dose of NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is a co-enzyme of niacin or B3 that releases energy into the body’s cells. It is like a power washing of the brain, which prepares both mind and body for a successful recovery by speeding up cellular processes and chemical changes in the brain.

Why NAD Cellular Detox?

NAD is not just a detoxification of the body, it provides a state of total sobriety within days rather than weeks or months. A major challenge of any recovery program is helping participants prepare both physically and mentally for the work ahead. With NAD, participants get a jump-start on recovery and experience a greater sense of well being and optimism, allowing treatment efforts to be maximized.

Who is good candidate for NAD Cellular Detox?

NAD has been proven most effective for individuals with long-term addiction to opioids and/or alcohol. NAD, however, does not replace the need for addiction treatment but rather enhances individual progress with a treatment program.

Interested participants should discuss this treatment with our medical team to determine if this approach is right for them. NAD is not covered by insurance.