The Foundry Experience

Holistic Addiction Treatment Program in Colorado

To combat addiction, The Foundry Treatment Center takes a holistic approach to recovery. We have found that addressing the mind, body, and spirit works best. This is achieved by incorporating the practice of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

The Cycle of Addiction

Addictions often form as an escape from feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and pain. We resort to abusing drugs or alcohol to numb feelings that we can’t face. Succumbing to habits provides a temporary release from negative emotions and thoughts, but addictions cause bigger problems.

Mindfulness and Meditation in Recovery

Practicing mindfulness helps us discover what we are really feeling inside and respond to it without judgment. It also teaches us to stay in the current moment rather than let our mind drift to events that happened in the past or situations that could occur in the future.

Meditation can help you overcome cravings by reducing stress and anxiety that are frequent precursors to a relapse.

The Foundry Treatment Center leads brief, guided meditations and teaches you how to utilize this tool to deal with daily stressors post-treatment.

Yoga in Recovery

Yoga has been found to be a positive supplement in addiction recovery because it brings the physical, mental, and emotional components of the body into alignment, facilitating healing from addiction and the forces that influenced those behaviors. As yoga restores your physical body, it brings clarity and a calm demeanor. You will find that the practice of yoga supports your spiritual health regardless of your personal beliefs.