Admissions Process

Step 1

Please contact our admissions team via phone at (844) 955-1066. Our team will be able to assist you in understanding and completing the entire admissions process.

If you are not yet ready to call, please fill out the inquiry sheet below and we will contact you upon submission.

Step 2

Once we have made contact we will complete an initial interview with the prospective individual. Our goal is to gain an understanding of what the presenting issues are and gather background information for our team.

After the interview is complete we will gather all relevant financial information, complete a complimentary benefits check for those wanting to utilize their insurance or come to a finical agreement with those who will be paying themselves.

Step 3

Upon completion of Step 2, we will complete a pre-admission assessment with the potential individual that will be evaluated by our clinical team prior to admission. Once approval is given, we will contact the potential individual and/or family to set an admission date and assist with making travel planning arrangements.