Our Story
by Scott Borden, Owner

During the winter of 2014 I was finishing a six year land development project in the UK and began considering where to focus my energy. The obvious answer was on my recovery from the disease of addiction.

During the winter of 2007 I attended a 28 day addiction treatment rehab in Southern California and after some early detours it became clear that recovery had to come first or I would have no choice as to what comes next. The adage, ‘You can only keep something by giving it away,’ is a fundamental purpose in recovery and the impetus for The Foundry.

The vision for The Foundry was born of personal experiences, both positive and negative, through my journey in recovery.

Addiction is a disease and those afflicted are not responsible for the disease but we are responsible for our recovery. Addiction recovery begins by truly appreciating and acknowledging how addiction has affected every aspect of life. The Twelve Steps are vital to this understanding and provide a valuable road map to navigate new directions.

The open mindedness and willingness I gained from working the Twelve Steps has been key to my continuing addiction recovery as I seek new ways to enhance my body, mind, and spirit. Most importantly, I have gained the humility to allow new beliefs and values to take the place of my old ways that clearly were not working.

The comprehensive whole body addiction treatment program provided by The Foundry is intended to not only allow but encourage each individual to seek their own beliefs and values.

The Twelve Steps are timeless in their application and effectiveness but continued growth is aided by providing an array of experiences to determine what works for each individual. The Rocky Mountains provide an unparalleled setting for the natural stimulation of mind and body allowing for a return to our innate senses and a new foundation from which to build.

Finally, a note on the name ‘The Foundry.’ In 1911 my great grandfather took over a struggling grey iron foundry in Auburn, Indiana. Auburn Foundry eventually expanded from that one plant in Indiana to six manufacturing facilities operating in four countries. The company remained family owned and operated until its sale to a German Investment Firm in 2008. Needless to say, I learned a thing or two about grey iron castings. The process begins by melting scrap metal and defect castings; certain additives are then added to achieve the desired chemistry before the molten iron is poured into a sand mold. Cooling time is monitored closely as the mold is knocked off and the casting is sand blasted and cleaned producing a useful and necessary part to a bigger product, such as a brake drum for a car. Consider this in the addiction treatment and recovery process. Addicts show up similar to damaged goods or castoffs and are told ‘you only have to change one thing and that is everything.’ The Twelve Steps provide principles necessary to build a foundation from which a new way of life can begin. It takes time to replace old habits with new ideals but the support and guidance from others that ‘have walked in our shoes’ provides us with hope.

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