About The Foundry Treatment Center

The Foundry Treatment Center is a 12-bed residential treatment program located on a 48-acre ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In addition to a 12-week clinical program, we offer a wellness program that addresses nutrition and physical fitness, a family program that strengthens the family unit, and a service program that helps residents feel valued while supporting the community through charity work.

We adhere to the 12-step philosophy but incorporate many treatment modalities such as Biosound Technology, AlphaStem and yoga to address physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Our Founder

The Foundry emerged from the vision and passion of Scott Borden who found new life in his own path to recovery. After graduating from college, Scott worked in an iron foundry plant that his great-grandfather started in 1911. Scott noticed that the process of refining scrap or defective iron parts in order to create more useful products was symbolic of the addiction treatment and recovery process. Thus, the Foundry was born.

The Foundry Core Values
The Foundry Core Values

Our Core Values

The Foundry Treatment Center is committed to helping others achieve and sustain recovery from addictive behaviors. To do so, we hold fast to several core values. Integrity, compassion, hope, inspiration, and respect are central components of our rehab and recovery programs. We embody these values in our personal lives and in every interaction with those individuals in service as we consider the best course of treatment. It is our belief that by modeling these values, we facilitate an atmosphere that is more conducive to change and recovery.

The Foundry Core Values
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Our Team

Our staff includes a highly qualified team of medical and health professionals, therapists, and counselors. Each one contributes to our multifaceted approach to bringing body, mind, emotions, and spirit into alignment.